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Research in my laboratory is focused on understanding the complex risk-response relationships between natural and anthropogenic stressors on the ecological integrity of ecosystem services. We use an array of methodologies to examine human-environmental interactions and to explore the implications of policies/interventions on the resilience of complex social-ecological systems, and their effects on Public Health. Over the past decade I have initiated and conducted research and education programs for Integrated Coastal Zone & Watershed Planning and Sustainable Development in the Danube Delta, Balkans, and Black Sea Coast.

My basic and applied projects span the fields of fish ecology, population and community assessments, development of biotic indicators, ecological and human health risk assessment, physical habitat designs for restoration, and water chemistry analyses. We employ hydraulic modeling for channel/habitat design for fish passage and stream restoration, and routinely contribute to environmental impact assessments, use-attainability analyses, and the formulation of watershed management plans. Our projects are frequently conducted to support the development of remediation or restoration designs and interact extensively with regulatory agencies as part of the permitting process.