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  1. Final Report
  2. Fish habitat modeling (Hoverman 2005)
  3. Landscape Fragmentation (Shaker 2007)
  4. Linking Multiple Stressors (O'Reily 2007)


EPA Star

Developing of Risk Propagation Model for Estimating Ecological Responses of Streams to Anthropogenic Watershed Stresses and Stream Modifications

CoInvestigator: Vladimir Novotny, Northeastern University

The goal of this research is the development of regionalized watershed-scale models to determine aquatic ecosystem vulnerability to anthropogenic watershed changes, pollutant loads and stream modifications (such as impoundments and riverine navigation). The models will assist watershed managers in their decisions on methods to mitigate stream degradation and biological impairment, assess potential watershed impacts, and identify watershed restoration opportunities. The layered hierarchical model system, developed by Artificial Neural Net (ANN) modeling and analysis, will be based on probabilistic risk propagation and linking the stresses with ecologic endpoints, from physical attributes of the watershed and water body and pollutant loadings at the lowest level to measures of biotic integrity, such as the Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI), at the highest level