Mathematical Statistic 361: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I, Fall 2011

Meeting time: Monday and Wednesday from 9:30 to 10:45 in Physics 151. Office hours to be determined.

Instructor: Eric Key

The textsbook for the course are:

We shall be reading Chapters 1-5 and a small portion of Chapter 6 of the book by Ash and Chapters 2 - 4 and some scattered sections of the book by Larsen and Marx. The material in Larsen and Marx is a subset of the material in Ash, and is presented in a more elementary fashion. If you are not planning to take MthStat 362 and are a strong student, you may be able to do without the book by Larsen and Marx.

Some of the things we will investigate are

To be prepared for this course you must know a bit about elementary operations with sets, such as union, intersection, and complements, be able to compute integrals in one and several variables, and how to work with power series.

Your grade will be based on three components: You are expected to abide by the UW-System Code of Academic Conduct at all times and on all graded work.

If you have any doubts about your preparation, or any other questions, contact me .

I will email you your reading assignments, additional lecture notes and homework assignments as the semester goes along.