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ACSP 2005: “Documenting Public Service for Promotion and Tenure and Program Evaluation: Best Practices and New Directions” (Draft only)

Exploring Sprawl

Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing Report by White and Schuetz

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Nancy Frank
School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Room 334
P.O. Box 413
University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413

PHONE (414) 229-5372

FAX (414) 229-6976


Also visit my other home page at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning for my background, publications, etc.

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Spring 2002

Fall 2001

·       945-781, Environmental Law and Policy

·       945-692-002, Suburban Downtown Redevelopment II

o       PowerPoint from summer course, Suburban Downtown Redevelopment I

o       Maps from summer course

o       “Low Impact Development: A Literature Review”

o       “Low-Impact Development Design Strategies”

Other Courses in Environmental Planning

These courses are usually taught once each year. 945-692, Land Use, Transportation, and the Environment, may be taught only every other year, depending on my other responsibilities.