Geography 625 ¾ Intermediate Geographical Information Systems


Lab Syllabus, Fall 2007


Lab Place & Time:  Lab 803 : Tuesday 3:00-4:50 in Bolton 581

Lab 804 : Wednesday 1:00-2:50 in Bolton 581


Teaching Assistant:  Greg Rybarczyk

Office: Bolton 441

Office Hours: Tuesday 2:00¨C3:00

                        Wednesday 3:00¨C4:00

                        Or by appointment

Phone: 414-229-5818


Lab Manual: Burke, Robert, Getting to Know ArcObjects, Redland, CA: ESRI Press, ISBN: 1-58948-018-X. (Note: there will be additional materials besides this manual)


Lab Goals:

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course introduces students to the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) object oriented programming language as it relates to customizing the ArcGIS environment. Additional training and emphasis will be on the ArcObjects collection of programmable objects and spatial statistics.


LEARNING GOALS: Students will learn how to create a customized ArcGIS interface using VBA and ArcObjects. Emphasis will be placed on code writing structure, efficiency, and troubleshooting. Goals to be accomplished through internet tutorials, textbook, lab exercises and course textbook.


LAB WORK: As this is a ¡®hands on¡¯ course, each student can plan on spending a minimum of 4 hours per week (outside of regular class hours) working on lab assignments



Lab Guidelines and Requirements:

  1. We will be using ArcGIS 9.2 in the lab. It is more powerful than ArcGIS 8.3 with a new ArcToolbox embedded in ArcMap and ArcCatalog. ArcToolbox has a rich set of geoprocessing and analytical tools which are very useful for implementing geographic information analysis. Three of ArcGIS extensions (i.e., 3-D analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, and Spatial Analyst) also provide advanced tools for various aspects of geographic information analysis. The lab mainly consists of two parts: programming ArcObjects and exploring advanced use of ArcGIS 9.2.


  1. Exercise data for the lab manual has been installed on computers in Bolton 581. The data folder is C:\ESRI\ArcObjects. There will be hand out for each lab assignment (except lab 1) and additional materials will also be released if necessary.  Students can also download the lab handouts, lab lecture notes, and any other supplemental material from the lab¡¯s website: Geog625_07.htm


  1. Students are required to go through the corresponding chapter in the manual or the related materials for each lab before the lab session. You are expected to attend all lab sessions! If you miss lab section it is your responsibility to get any lab information discussed from one of your peers.


  1. Lab assignment is due a week after it is assigned unless otherwise noted in syllabus. It must be turned in at the beginning of next lab.  Assignments turned in late will result in a deduction of 1 point per each week it is late.
  2. We encourage you to work together to become familiar with ArcGIS9 and ArcObjects you will be using. However, unless the lab assignment specifically requires group work, the work you turn in for grading must be done by you independently.
  3. Students are asked to help control printing costs by not printing unnecessarily. Only lab materials (including the assignment output) are allowed to be printed out using the lab printer.




Tentative Laboratory Schedule:



Lap Topic




September 4, 5

Lab 1: Introduction to ArcObjects and VBA

Chapter: 1

September 11, 12


September 11, 12

Lab 2: Understanding VBA I

Chapter: 2, 3, 4

September 18, 19


September 18, 19

Lab 3: Understanding VBA II

Chapter: 5, 6,7

September 25, 26


September 25, 26

Lab 4: Understanding VBA III,

Chapter: 8, 9 10

October 2, 3


October 3, 4

Lab 5: Understanding ArcObjects I

Chapter: 11, 12

October 9, 10


October 9, 10

Lab 6: Understanding ArcObjects II

Chapter: 13, 14

October 23, 24


October 16, 17


Open Lab: Midterm





October 23, 24

Lab 7: Using ArcObjects

Chapter: 15, 16

November 6, 7


October 30, 31

Lab 8: Using ArcObjects II

Chapter: 17, 18

November 6, 7



November 6, 7

Lab 9 Using ArcObjects IV

Chapter: 19,20

November 20, 21


November 13, 14

Attend GIS Day Workshop

No Lab : GIS Day-attend GIS Day Workshop or Volunteer


November 20, 21

Lab 10 Exploring Spatial Statistics

Lab Handout

November 27, 28


November 27, 28

Lab 11 Using Geostatistical Analyst

Lab Handout

December 4, 5


December 4, 5

Open Lab: Graduate Project




December 11, 12

Open Lab

Turn in all assignments




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