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Garry Davis, Ph.D. Associate Professor of German Curtin Hall 895 Tel. 414-229-4942/4948 (w) Tel. 414-332-1924 (h) 

My office hours for Sem. I, 2008 are: T/R 11:00-11:50 and T 3:00-3:20. 

Courses I often teach:

.      111 Introduction to German Life and Civilization I

.      112 Introduction to German Life and Civilization II

.      488 Topics in German Philology: (Reading older German handwriting)

.      671 German Phonetics

.      681 History and Structure of German

.      672 German for Professional Purposes


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Garry Davis, CRT 895, (414) 229-4942.


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Select Publications

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WGmc. Word for Sheep, pdfversion


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What's in a Word?, pdfversion


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German in Contact with Native American Languages, pdfversion


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Segment Organization, pdfversion


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Mini-sound changes, pdf version


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English 'big' and Gothic 'ga-', pdf version


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Entstehung paper, pdfversion



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