CURRICULUM VITA                                      

          Gilbert G. Walter                     2122 E. Edgewood Avenue 
                                                Milwaukee, WI   53211 
                                                Telephone:  (414) 964-8711 

                                     Professor Emeritus of Mathematics 
                                     Department of Mathematical Sciences 
                                     University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
                                     P.O. Box 413 Milwaukee, WI  53201 

                                                Telephone:  (414) 229-5528 
                                                Fax:  (414) 229-4907 


     Born in 1930 in the bucolic little town of Ottawa, Illinois of German
     immigrant parents, I soon showed promise of things to come.  At the age
     of five I tried to catch a ball thrown by my father and dropped it. 
     Later when he tried teaching me to ride a bicycle, I kept falling off.

Later, my parents moved to the suburbs of Chicago where I eventually attended
Riverside-Brookfield High School. When I failed to make the track team
(or any other team), I realized my dream of athletic greatness was not to be
realized.  It was then that I turned to mathematics which was considered a
sissy subject suitable mainly for girls.  Since many attractive girls took
the subject and looked to me for help, I decided mathematics was something
to pursue.  Thus a career was born.

     Well, not quite.  I studied industrial engineering at General Motors
     Institute, was drafted by the Army, studied electrical engineering at
     Mew Mexico State University, and came to Milwaukee to practice my new
     trade.  While working at AC Electronics, I took a night school course
     in mathematics from Morris Marden.  He suggested I go to graduate school
     in mathematics and obtained an offer of a teaching assistantship for me
     in Madison.  Since my work at AC, though interesting, was likely to blow
     up (I worked on bombs), I decided to take the offer.

                     My next four years as a graduate student were
                     uneventful (except for my marriage and the birth of
		     my three children).  When my major professor, Jacob
		     Korevaar, left for a year's leave, I took a temporary
		     job in Milwaukee while writing my dissertation. 
		     I have been here since.  

                 Well, not quite.  I have taken every opportunity to visit
		 warmer places beginning with the University of
		 California-San Diego and ending with the Arizona State University

          Education:      BIE       General Motors Institute, 1953 
                          BSEE      New Mexico State University, 1956 
                          MS        (Mathematics) University of Wisconsin, 1959 
                          Ph.D.     (Mathematics, EE Minor), University of 
			             Wisconsin, 1962 


          1961-present        Instructor to Professor, Mathematical 
                              Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
                              (Chair 1973-1975) (1993-1995)(Retired 1999).

	  Spring 1999	      Visitor, Arizona State University
          1995-1996           Visiting Colleague, University of Hawaii

          Fall 1987           Visiting Professor, University of Delaware 

          Winter 1985         Visiting Mathematician, Centro de  
                              Investigaciones e Estudios Avanzados,
                              IPN, Merida, Mexico

          Spring 1985         Visiting Professor, California 
                              Polytechnic., San Luis Obispo, California

          Spring 1981         Visiting Professor, University of California-

          Winter 1981         Visitor, Inst. Ivest. Mat. Appl. and Syst.,
                              UNAM, Mexico City 

          Fall 1980           Visitor, Imperial College, London 

          Summer 1979         Visiting Professor, University of Costa Rica 

          Summer 1974,        Visiting Mathematician, Nat. Mar. Fish. 
          1975, 1976          Service, NOAA, Woods Hole, Mass. 

          1968-1969           Visiting Associate Professor, Universidad 
                              Agraria, Lima, Peru 

          1965-1966           Visiting Assistant Professor, University of  
                              California-San Diego 

          1956-1957           Project Engineer, AC Electronics, Milwaukee 

          1953-1955           U.S. Army 

          1952-1953           Jr. Project Engineer, Electro-Motive Div. GM, 
                              LaGrange, IL 

          Other Academic Activities: 

          I.  Teaching Experience: 

              a)  Undergraduate:   Basic   statistics, differential equations,  
                  mathematical  statistics, linear algebra, time-series,  math. 
                  models, 9 others.

              b)  Graduate:   Math.  methods  of physics, Fourier series, 
                  Integral  transforms, Functional analysis, mathematical 

          II.  Directed ten Ph.D. dissertations in analysis, two in statistics. 

          III. Served as departmental statistical consultant, 3 semesters. 

          IV.  Coordinator of applied mathematics and physics program, 1975-1984. 

          V.   Various University Committees including Faculty Senate (twice). 


          1.   National Science Foundation "Analog Encryption" (with G. Davida)  $120,000, 1985-1988. 

         2.    National Science Foundation "Models of multispecies fisheries" US-Mexico Cooperative Research $3,520, 1986-1989.

         3.    National   Science   Foundation   "Extension   of  sampling  theorems" (with Z. Nashed) $126,000, 1991-93.





          Gilbert G. Walter    

          Professor Emeritus of Mathematics 
          Department of Mathematical Sciences
          University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
          P.O. Box 413, Milwaukee, WI  53201 
                                                Telephone: (414)229-5528 
                                                Fax:  (414)229-4907 


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