Water Quality Report

SADC/GEF Lake Malawi/Nyasa
Biodiversity Conservation Project

Edited by
Harvey A. Bootsma and
Robert E. Hecky


Foreword and Acknowledgments

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: River Discharge and Water Quality

Chapter 2 Annex: Transport of Linthipe River Suspended Sediments in Lake Malawi/Nyasa

Chapter 3: The Atmospheric Deposition of Nutrients on Lake Malawi

Chapter 4: Lake Malawi / Nyasa Deep Water Renewal

Chapter 5: Modeling Nutrient Upwelling in Lake Malawi / Nyasa

Chapter 6: Factors Controlling Pelagic Algal Abundance and Composition in Lake Malawi / Nyasa

Chapter 7: Algal and Sedimentary Evidence for Recent Changes in the Water Quality and Limnology of Lake Malawi / Nyasa

Chapter 8: Nutrient Cycling in Lake Malawi / Nyasa

Chapter 9: Metals, Pesticides and other Persistent Contaminants in Water, Sediments and Biota from Lake Malawi / Nyasa