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Current Graduate Students


I am a first year clinical student in the lab. I received my BA in psychology from Duke University in 2011 with a focus on developmental psychology. During my time at Duke I researched the correlation between personality traits and time of participation in psychological studies. I also worked as a research assistant for an independent research associate, examining the correlation between schizophrenics’ religious belief systems, or lack thereof, and their adherence to treatment. During my time at UWM I hope to examine how eating disorders manifest themselves in adolescents. I then hope to compare these findings to how eating disorders are manifested in young adults and examine whether or not different treatment options are necessary.


I am a third year clinical student in the lab. I received my BA from Avila University where I studied Mindfulness interventions for high school students and Neurofeedback training. After graduating, I completed a summer research assistantship at Oklahoma State University where I studied psychosocial factors of children with chronic illnesses. I also have collaborative research experience with Children's Mercy Hospital looking at various factors of sickle cell disease (i.e. coping and quality of life). My master’s thesis examined transition readiness and health literacy in adolescent/young adults with sickle cell disease. I am currently working on several projects in the lab including parental contingency management training for increasing medication adherence among youth with sickle cell disease, the relationship between health literacy and health outcomes in a community sample, and methodological research on parental perspectives on “drop-out” data.





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