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Selected Publications

Bernacki, J. M., & Davies, W. H. (in press). Prevention of the choking game: Parent perspectives. Journal of Injury and Violence Research.

Czarnecki, M.L., Salamon, K.S., Thompson, J., Armus, C., Hanson, T., Mohr, K. et al. (in press). Barriers to Pediatric Pain Management: A Nursing Perspective. Pain Management Nursing.

Jastrowski Mano, K.E., Evans, J.R., Tran, S.T., Anderson Khan, K., Weisman, S.J., & Hainsworth, K.R. (in press). The psychometric properties of the Screen for Child Anxiety Related Emotional Disorders (SCARED) in pediatric chronic pain. Journal of Pediatric Psychology.

Gorodzinsky, A.Y., Tran, S.T., Medrano, G.R., Fleishman, K., Anderson Khan, K., Ladwig, R.J., & Weisman, S.J. (2012). Parents’ initial perceptions of interdisciplinary treatment at a pediatric chronic pain clinic. Pain Research and Treatment, 2012. doi:10.1155/2012/791061.

Gorodzinsky, A.Y., Bernacki, J. M., Davies, W. H., Drendel, A. L., & Weisman, S. J. (2012). Community parents’ use of non-pharmacological techniques for pediatric pain management. Children’s Health Care, 41(1):1–15, doi: 10.1080/02739615.2012.643286

Davies, W.H., Holman, K.S., Gorodzinsky, A.Y., Clifford, L.M. & Whelan, D.W. (2012). Mental health services utilized by families adopting special needs children. Children, Youth, and Families News, 15-16.

Jelalian, E. & Sato, A. F. (in press). Eating problems: Overeating and obesity. In A. M. LaGreca & G. P. Koocher, Parent's Guide to Emotional First Aid: Helping Children and Adolescents Cope With Predictable Life Crises. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Tran, S.T., Gorodzinsky, A.Y., & Davies, W.H. (2011). Barriers and predictors of H1N1 vaccination intention in healthy and high-risk children. Children’s Health Care, 40, 269-281.

Gorodzinsky, A.Y., Hainsworth, K.R. & Weisman, S.J. (2011). School Functioning and Chronic Pain: A Review of Methods and Measures. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 36(9), 991-1002. doi: 10.1093/jpepsy/jsr038

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Jastrowski Mano, K.E., Khan, K.A., Ladwig, R.J, & Weisman, S.J. (2011). The impact of pediatric chronic pain on parents' health-related quality of life and family functioning: Reliability and validity of the PedsQL™ 4.0 Family Impact Module. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 36(5), 517-527.

Berlin, K. S., Davies, W. H., Silverman, A. H., & Rudolph, C. D. (2011). Assessing family-based feeding strategies, strengths, and mealtime structure with the Feeding Strategies Questionnaire. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 36(5), 586-595.

Salamon, K.S., Hains, A.A., Fleischman, K.M., Davies, W.H., & Kichler, J. (2010). Improving Adherence in Social Situations for Adolescents with Type I Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM): A Pilot Study. Primary Care Diabetes, 4(1), 47-55.

Sato, A. F., Davies, W. H., Berlin, K.S., Simon Salamon, K., Anderson Khan, K., & Weisman, S. J. (2010). Brief Report: A confirmatory approach to exploring the factor structure of the Social Consequences of Pain questionnaire. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 35(6), 611-616.

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Berlin, K. S., Sass, D. A., Davies, W. H., Reupert, S. R., & Hains, A. A. (2005). Brief Report: Parent perceptions of hypoglycemic symptoms of youth with diabetes; disease disclosure minimizes risk of negative evaluations. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 30, 207-212.

Submitted Publications

Bernacki, J.M,, Gorodzinsky, A.Y., Drendel, A.M., Weisman, S.J., & Davies, W.H. Decision-making regarding analgesic use among a community sample of parents.

Brouwer, A.M., Salamon, K.S., Olson, K.A., Fox, M.M., Yelich-Koth, S.L., Fleischman, K.M., Hains, A.A., Davies, W.H., & Kichler, J.C. Adolescents with Type 2 diabetes mellitus: A qualitative analysis of the experience of social support.

Czarnecki, M., Salamon, K.S., Thompson, J., & Hainsworth, K.R. (under review). Do Improvement Strategies Improve Pediatric Nurses’ Perception of Barriers to Pain Management?

Davies, W. H., Berlin, K. S., Silverman, A. H., Joseph, J. M., & Rudolph, C. D. (under review). Clinical utility of the About Your Child's Eating Questionnaire: Assessment of behavioral, relational, and systemic aspects of pediatric feeding problems.

Davies, W.H,, & Joseph, J.M. Past experiences with and attitudes toward the Choking Game.

Gorodzinsky, A.Y., Davies, W.H., Tran, S.T., Joseph, J.M., Medrano, G.R., Anderson Khan, K., Ladwig, R.J., Hainsworth, K.R., & Weisman, S.J. (under review). Adolescents’ perceptions of family relationships when a sibling has chronic pain.

Hainsworth, K.R., Salamon, K.S., Khan, K.A., Mascarenhas, B., Davies, W.H., & Weisman, S.J. (under review). Yoga for the Treatment of Chronic Headaches in Children and Adolescents: A pilot study.

Jastrowski, K., Salamon, K.S., Hainsworth, K.R., Anderson Khan, K., Ladwig, R., Davies, W.H., & Weisman, S. (under review). Lessons Learned from a Randomized Control Trial of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for the Treatment of Pediatric Chronic Pain.

Medrano, G.R., Berlin, K.S., Davies, W.H. (under review). Utility of the PedsQL™ Family Impact Module: Assessing the psychometric properties in a community sample.

Salamon, K.S. & Davies, W.H. (under review). Perceptions of Prototypical Users of Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Possible Barrier to Participation and Benefit.

Salamon, K.S., Davies, W.H., Fuentes, M.R., Weisman, S. & Hainsworth, K.R. (under review). Validation of the Pain Frequency-Severity-Duration (PFSD) Scale in Pediatric Chronic Pain.

Tran, S.T., Davies, W.H., Majewski, A.J., & Bennaton, E. (under review). Promoting parent participation in pediatric behavioral research: Effects of recruiter status and relationship.

Tran, S.T., Salamon, K.S., Hainsworth, K.R., Kichler, J.C., Davies, W.H., Alemzadeh, R., & Weisman, S.J. (under review). Pain Reports in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM).



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