Anuran Behavioral Ecology
Gerlinde Hoebel
Gerlinde Höbel

Department of Biological Sciences
Lapham Hall
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
P.O. Box 413
3209 N. Maryland Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53201


Frog choruses are dynamic and acoustically complex environments, where intense competition for mates create hotspots for selection. We study behavioral interactions in frog choruses to investigate the evolution of adaptations to communicate and compete in complex environments, and to determine how variation in the complexity of social interactions may affect communication systems. We are also interested in the effect of the social environment (conspecific and heterospecific mates, predators, etc) on the expression of sexual traits, and in the evolution of multi-modal communication.

  Recording frogs   Hyla cinerea   Call oscillogram   Hyla cinerea in release box   Hyla cinerea pair  
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