Alan Joel Horowitz, PE, AICP

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Professor of Civil Engineering
University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee
PO Box 784
Milwaukee, WI  53201
Voice:  414-229-6685
Fax:  414-229-6958
Office Location:  EMS E326


Short Research Biography

Principal Publications List

Preprints of More Recent Journal Publications

Teaching Evaluation Summaries 2000-2012

Demo Editions of QRS II and GNE

CFIRE Working Paper Series (Freight)

Incorporating Toll Pricing Policy into a Microsimulation Model for Long-Distance Freight Transportation

Origin Destination Disaggregation Using Fratar Biproportional Least Squares Estimation for Truck Forecasting

The Transshipment Problem in Travel Forecasting: Tour Structures from the Ontario Commercial Vehicle Survey

Truck Forecasting with Time Series Analysis: A Case Study of the Blue Water Bridge

The Transshipment Problem in Travel Forecasting: Preliminary Analysis of the Ontario Commercial Vehicle Survey

Freight Planning Topics: Setting Goals And Objectives for the Freight System

Smart Work Zone Deployment Initiative Working Paper Series

Criteria for Portable ATIS in Work Zones: Lane Merge, Travel Time and Speed Advisory Systems

Evaluation of Intellizone: A System for Providing Speed Advisories to Drivers Entering Work Zones

Travel Time Prediction System (TIPS)

Guidebook on Incident Management Planning in Work Zones

Microsimulation of Freeway Work Zones to Assess Flow and Capacity

Evaluation of the Paddle Pal, a Device for Increasing the Visibility of Flagger Paddles

Vehicle Mounted Rollup Warning Sign

Testing Temporary Work Zone Rumble Strips

Various Other Interesting Reports

Evaluation of Intermodal Passenger Transfer Facilities

Advanced Travel Forecasting Course Workshops

Spatial Variations in Traffic

Long-Range Deployment of ITS Strategies:  Concept Definition

Evaluation of Ramp Meter Effectiveness for Wisconsin Freeways, A Milwaukee Case Study

An Evaluation of the Business Attraction Module in Montana’s Highway Economic Analysis Tool

Research Threads (Assorted Abstracts of Published Articles, Mostly Older)

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Center for Urban Transportation Studies

Including: Measurement of Transit Benefits; Transit Route Planning CAI Course; A GNE/QRS II Primer

Guidebook on Statewide Travel Forecasting
Land Use and Economic Development in Statewide Transportation Planning
Quick Response Freight Manual
Delay Volume Relations for Travel Forecasting
FHWA's Model Calibration Manual

Statewide Travel Forecasting Models

Statewide Freight Forecasting Toolkit

Documents Prepared by Graduate Students

A Freight System Design for Urbanized Milwaukee

Old Course Web Pages (Replaced by D2L)

Urban Transportation Planning

Engineering Surveying

Transportation Engineering

Methods of Transportation Analysis

Transportation Facilities Design

Transportation Systems Design

Traffic Control

Strategic Transportation Planning Methods

Environmental Impact Assessment

Traffic Planning and Operations


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