Video of Stay Cable Vibrations

Cochrane Bridge, Mobile, Alabama, 1998

This video was taken by Lichtenstein Consulting Engineers in 1998. Lichtenstein (prime contractor) and CTL (sub-contractor) were performing inspection and tests on this bridge. Dr. Habib Tabatabai served as Principal Investigator for work performed by CTL, and Mr. Paul Norton was in charge of Lichtenstein operations. The work performed by Dr. Tabatabai included measurement of all stay cable forces using a non-contact laser vibrometer, measurement of cable damping in all cables, ultrasonic testing on selected cable anchorages, and recommendations for control of rain-wind vibrations.

The following file is a 14Mb MPG file showing rain-wind vibrations of stay cables of Cochrane bridge. For further information contact Dr. Tabatabai. (Move your cursor over the image on the left to start the video).

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