Can we take the queue from Napster to create Edster ?

NAPSTER Model LINUX Model L-O-X Model (Learning-Object Exchange)
Community that shares Community that shares Community that shares
1 file=1 product Parts and/or whole distribution Hybrid: 1 file = 1 product ANDOR parts/whole
P2P Exchange One system focus - consisting of many integrated inter-related parts and derivative works Hybrid: P2P for non-standarized data with meta-info (category, topic - target audience - language - file format - platform - etc.
Standard for building blocks w/canonized and non-canonized exchange (Canonized=like Linux, Non-canonized=like Napster)
Common File Format Common Dev format P2P - Open but indicated (format, platform)
LOX: UTF-8 XML structure (platform independent). PICs and SOUND files referenced as separate files. (Encourage web-compliant format)
Read-to-use as-is Central verification, certification, of system parts ("Canonization" process) Free-Exchange (non-canonized)
LOX format of parts or whole (canonized and non-blessed)
Chat with peers Chat with peers. Add collaborative portal development
Free Free Free

See also: Reusable Information Objects

Jacques du Plessis - January, 2001