Slected Recent Field Photos -- John L. Isbell

Localites in Antarctica worked by John,
Colleagues and UWM Students.

Allan Hills Camp, Antarctica.
Quintin Bendixen

Finger Mountain and Turnabout Glacier:
Southern Victoria Land Antarcitca (SVL).

Twin Otter departing UWM's Turnabout Neve Camp, Antarctica.

Camp move on the  Deception Glacier near Alligator Peak, Antarctica.

Twin Otter pick-up on the Gallup Glacier
(a tributary of the Shackleton Glacier).

 Manhauling (camp move) on the Fritz-Miller Glacier
(L to R) John, John Roberts (JR; Mountaineer, New Zealand), Sue Giller (Mountaineer, USA), Steve Hasiotis (University of Kansas), and Loren Babcock  (Ohio State Univ.). Photo by Molly Miller (Vanderbilt Univ).

Camp move using snowmobiles .
Shaun Norman (Mountaineer, N.Z.), Gina Seegers Szablewski, (UWM)  and Greg Gelhar (UWM) on the Nimrod Glacier near the Geologist Range, Antarctica

Gina Seegers Szablewski towing a sled
during a Camp move on the Nimrod Glacier

Mt. Butters Camp
John Roberts (JR, Mountaineer N.Z.) and Rebecca Johnson
(Author; Antarctic Artist Program) enjoying the view

UWM-Ohio State Coliseum Ridge Camp, Antarctica.
Field party consisted of Paul Lenaker (UWM, John (UWM), Tim Cully (Mountaineer, Jackson, Wyoming) and Rosie Askin (OSU).

Camp put in on the Deception Glacier, SVL, Antarctica

LC-130 Pull-out flight from Moody Nunatak on the Marsh Glacier (a tributary glacier to the Nimrod Glacier).

USAF New York Air National Guard LC-130
using JATO on the Marsh  Glacier.

Photo by the NYANG.

Mountaineer Tim Cully. A -40F day at Mt. Crean, SVL, Antarctica.

The hazards of remote field busted plane,  LC-130 Crash on the Lucy Glacier, Antarctica.

All the comforts of home
John relaxing in the comfort of his tent after a day geologizing, SVL, Antarctica.

Wash day on the Lucy Glacier
Shaun Norman (Montaineer, New Zeland)
helping Gina Seegers Szableski (UWM) wash her hair.

Beginings of a ground blizzard.
Nimrod Glacier near Sullivan Nunatak.

Adelie Penguins on McMurdo Sound near Ross Island, Antarctica.

Mt. Bowers Camp, Buckley Island near the Beardmore Glacier, Antarctica.

UWM-Vanderbilt University Camp on the slopes of Mount Bowers.
The six person camp is in the bowl to the right of the person (head level). Note the very faint NNW -SSE diagonal line by the camp,
which is where the Twin Otter landed during the camp put in. The head of the Beardmore Glacier
covers the upper portion of the photo.  The rough areas on the glacier are extensive crevasses.

Taylor Dry Valley, Antarctica.

Landscape surronding Mt. Henderson.
Hatherton Glacier to Byrd Glacier area.
Paul Lenaker for scale.

Drifting Snow during a windstorm.
Beardmore South Camp. Photo by Pete Flaig (UWM).

Wind Scoop near the Pensacola Mountains.

David Macdonald (Univ. of Aberdeen) for scale

Maya Mountain and West Beacon along the upper Taylor Glacier,  Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica.
Keri Wolfe working on strata of the Weller Coal Measures.

Room with a View, Mt. Erubus, Antarctica.

Camping on Earth's southernmost Volcano.

Sedimentary Basins Worked by John,
Colleagues, and UWM Students

Aspera Creek and Quebrada Agua Negra
in the Andes near the Chilean Border, Argentina.

Andes from the Calingasta Uspallata Basin Field Area, western Argentina.

Andes from the Precordillera near the Leoncito Observatory

Hoyada Verde in the Precordillera
(L to R) Patricia (Pato) Ciccioli (U of Buenos Aires), Carlos O. Limarino (U. of Buenos Aires, Ana Tedesco (U of Buenos Aires) and Lindsey Henry (UWM).

Guanacos west of Jague, Argentina.

End moraine near Cerro Aconcagua, Argentina.

Argentine Colleagues (University of Buenos Aires) in the Andes.
Dr. Patricia (Pato) Ciccioli , Professor Dr. Carlos O. Limarino,
and Dr. Ana Tedesco.

Sedimentary Basins Worked by John,
Colleagues, and UWM Students

Cave to the Blowhole at Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania
Lindsey Henry (UWM) for scale.

The Darlington Limestone at the Fossil Cliffs, Maria Island, Tasmania

Maria Island from the Convicts Quarry, Tasmania

The road to Darlington, Maria Island, Tasmania.

Eaglehawk Neck and a small inlet from the Tasman Sea, Tasmania

Derwent River, between Malbina and Granton, Tasmania

Sunrise on Maria Island.

Eucalyptus trees, Maria Island.

Triassic Sandstones of the Painted Cliffs, , Maria Island Tasmania.

Kangaroos on Maria Island, Tasmania

Dropstone in the Basal Beds crushing Bryozoans, Maria Island

Tree fern near Liffey Falls, Tasmania

Liffey Falls in the Great Western Tiers, Tasmania

Sea cliffs in Tasman National Park, Tasmania

Oucrops of the Hell Creek and Fort Union Formations
(Diagram by David  Fastovsky).

Bone! Hell Creek Formation.

Makoshika--The land of bad spirits.

Lunch in Makoshika with Mike Kennedy (UWM), Danielle Sieger (UWM), and Peter Sheehan (Milwaukee Public Museum).

T-rex returns to Hell Creek

Mike Kennedy's Field area in Makoshika

Quintin Bendixen (UWM) taking a break, Montana.

The Fort Union Fm. at Witches Hat,  Montana

The K-T Boundary at the Overlook in Makoshika State Park, Montana.

Wild horse, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Buffalo and calf, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Lori Voelker (UWM and Milwaukee Public Schools) and Quintin Bendixen (UWM) descending into a labyrinth, Makoshika.

Mike Kennedy (UWM) doing fieldwork in Makoshika

The edge of the badlands, near Glendive. Montana.

Conducted field trip to San Salvador Island, Bahamas
to study modern Carbonates

Acropora Palmata growing off of Grotto Beach.

Harbour at Cockburn Town.

Grotto Beach

Lion Fish in a tidal channel on the  delta at Pigeon Creek.

Pigeon Creek Delta

Quintin Bendixen (UWM) following a school of fish off Groto Beach.

Danielle Sieger (UWM) enjoying the view at the The Notch along the Gulf

Fire coaral and Acropora Palmata on a reef off Groto Beach.

Cockburn Town Fossil Reef showing beach facies building over reef facies. Quintin Bendixen (UWM) for scale.

Nurse Shark on North Gaulin Reef.

Sting Ray off of Grotto Beach

Quintin Bendixen (UWM) and Ashley Dineen (UWM) using Quads to count fossil abundance
at the Cockburn Town Fossil Reef.

Danielle Sieger (UWM) photographing  a Barracuda
and Acropora Palmata on North Gaulin Reef.

Pleistocene eolian deposits near French Bay 

Sea cliffs at Grotto Beach.

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