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UWM-Vanderbilt University-Univ of Washington-Work in Antarctica
Camp Life
CTAM Base Camp, 2010-11 McMurdo Station, 2010-11
2010 Mt Bowers Tent Camp Snow Craft  School, 2010-11
Katabatic Windstorm at Bunker Cwm Katabatic Windstorm at Maya Mountain
Penguin Dance--Staying Warm along the Beardmore
Walking in Crampons
LC-130 Taking off from CTAM Base Camp Helicopter Dropoff in the Moore Mountains
LC-130 Using JATO, Moody Nunatak LC-130 at CTAM Base Camp 2010-11,
Twin Otter Landing At Mt. Bowers Helicopter Putin at Bunker Cwm-2010-11
Twin Otter Landing on the Beardmore Glacier Sling Load-Camp Move--Alligator Peak
Twin Otter At Mt. Bowers Geology Camp
Emperor Penguin Near Cape Evans-1
Emperor Penguin Near Cape Evans-2
Adelie Penguins at Cape Royds-1
Adelie Penguins at Cape Royds-1

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