John L
. Isbell

Professor and
Research Scientist

Department of Geoscience
University of
Clastic Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Sedimentary Basin Analysis, Tectonics and Sedimentation, Glacial and Glacimarine Sedimentology, Fluvial Sedimentology,
Sequence Stratigraphy, Gondwana Geology, Late Paleozoic Ice Age,
Sandstone Petrology,  Sedimentary Paleoclimate Analysis

Selected Activities:


Ph.D., 1990, The Ohio State University
M.S., 1985, Northern Illinois University
B.A., 1981, Augustana College
A.S., 1978, Spoon River College

Post Doc:
Research Scientist,
Byrd Polar Research Center
(Institute of Polar Studies)
The Ohio State University, 1990-1992.

Field Geology:

1981, Miami University-Oxford, Ohio (Wind River Mountains, Wyoming)

Post Doc Mentors--Dr. James Collinson, Dr. Molly Miller,
Dr. David Elliot, Dr. Terry Wilson. Dr. Edith Taylor, and
Dr. Thomas Taylor
Ph.D. Adviser -- Dr. James Collinson

M.S. Advisers -- Dr. Ross Powell and Dr. Hsin Yi Ling
B.A. Advisers-- Dr. Fred Behnken,  Dr. Richard  Anderson,
and Fred Whiteside
A.S. Mentors -- Charles Black and Dr. Gary King

Secondary Education
Farmington East H.S., Farmington, Ill.
Mentors: Larry Whitmore,
David Giagnoni,
Richard Putnam,
Richard and Rita Vicary,
Philip McAlearney, and
icia Howd


ct Information:

Mailing address:
Dr. John Isbell
Department of  Geosciences
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Shipping address:
Dr. John Isbell
Department of Geosciences
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
3209 N. Maryland Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Office: 328 Lapham Hall
Phone: 414-229-2877
Geology Office: 414-229-4561
FAX: 414-229-5452

John on the Nimrod Glacier (Antarctica)
Mt. Isbell (Geologist Range) in the background

Mt Bowers, Beardmore Glacier, Antarctica

John with Mt. Brooks and Mt Watters (Antarctica) in the background

Trudge Valley Camp, Allan Hills, Antarctica
University of
                    Wisconsin-Milwaukee UWM
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Clastic Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

Andes near Barreal, Argentina

Tepuel Hill, Patagonia, Argentina

Camp setup at Cape Surprise, Antarctica

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