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Prof.Emeritus John C. Hay, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee :

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PsychLab consists of two sets of programsdesigned to enable the student to explore classic experiments in psychology.The student will probably need a teacher's guidance in using the programs.

Set A: Real Experiments

SPACE PERCEPTION: 1. Mueller-Lyer ,2.Poggendorff

REACTION TIME: 1.Calibration, 2. 2D Mental Rotation , 3. 3D Mental Rotation, 4.Visual Search,

These programs give you versatile lab set-ups with which you can explore your own psychology. You design your own experiment, and then serve as your own subject while the computer runs your experiment and records your data. The data are stored on your own computer in a file that you can analyse with a spreadsheet program.

Set B: Simulated Experiments

1. Classical Conditioning, 2. Operant Conditioning, 3. Operant Conditioning-Programmable

4. Sleep and Dreams, 5. Split-BrainSyndrome , 6.Feature-Detecting Neurons

These are simulation programs in which you are the experimenter and the computer plays the part of your subject. The computer uses simplified models to simulate the behavior of a human patient or an animal. You set the test conditions and record the results. The simulations give the student the chance to do experiments which in reality can be performed only by professional psychologists. Advanced students may undertake to determine where the simulations fail to match reality.

Updated 01/06/2004.