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Jon\ Welstead
\        *\ cd Music RELEASE *\
           (Hit\ the Ghost)\
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   \ Available through\
Electronic\ Music Foundation\
  \ http://www.emf.org  \ http://www.bohnmedia.com\

Director:\ The Electro-Acoustic Music Center\
Music Composition\ and Technology Program\
Peck School\ of the Arts - Department of Music\

Jon\ Welstead teaches composition and theory and is the Director\ of the\
Electro-Acoustic\ Music Center at the University of\ Wisconsin-Milwaukee.\
His work \ includes composition for instrumental\ ensemble, electronic and\
computer music,\ music for dance, film and theatre,  having compositions\
performed\ both nationally and internationally.\

Some of his\ musical awards, performances, commissions and\ grants\
include: CINE\ Golden Eagle and INTERCOM Film\ Festivals Awards\
of Excellence,\ Delius Chamber MusicAward,\ Bourge ElectronicMusic\
Festival,American\ College Theatre Festival Awards, Netherlands\
International\ Experimental TheatreFestival,Los\ Angeles New\
Music Festival,\ Emerald City  PerformanceAward\ for music\
in dance,New\ MusicAmerica-NY,Bessie Schoenberg\
TheatreFoundation,\ Baltimore TheatreProject,\
KennedyCenter\ for the Performing Arts,\
(SEAMUS) Society \ for Electro- Acoustic\
Musicin the\ United States,\
Florida Electroacoustic\ Music\
Festival,\ Canadian International\
Electro- Acoustic\ Music\
Association\ Festival\
\'93E  u \ C  u  E\'94 .\

He has been\ the recipient of:\
National Endowment\ for the Arts,\
National Endowment\ for the Humanities,\
Centre Culturel\ Georges Brassens, France,\
Arts Midwest\ and the Texas, Iowa, Illinois,\
Minnesota,\ Wisconsin, Nebraska and Maryland Arts Boards.

\ \

Recently\ he presented the computer-electronic version of Fo(u)r Percussionit(s)\ at the SEAMUS National Conference and also completed a two year guest composer\ residency at Cornell University where he composed music for the United\ States premiere production of "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"\ by David Edgar and music for "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams. \ Welstead has also served as the Vice President for\ Programs for the Society for Electro-Acoustic\ Music in the United States (SEAMUS).\


Dr. Jon Welstead\
Chair: Music\ Composition and Theory\
University\ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee\
Peck School\ of the Arts\
Department\ of Music\
P. O. Box\ 413\
Milwaukee,\ WI 53201\

Welstead can be contacted at:\ jonw@uwm.edu\

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