Sicuani, Peru - When a flash flood tore through town and killed 17 unsuspecting residents, riled-up survivors stormed the city's only TV station and lynched the local weatherman. A mob of cursing, club toting townspeople dragged bewildered weatherman Francisco Arias Olivera to a tree behind the station and strung him up before shocked cops could save him.

"That man committed mass murder, pure and simple," sobbed heartbroken Hortencia Silva, whose twin, 2-year old sons died in the deluge. " It was his job to warn us that a flood was coming, but he failed to do his job." "Many of us lost our homes, lost our loved ones, lost everything we had, so it was only fair that he pay with his life."

Ill fated Francisco, 32, had been a popular TV personality in this town of 21,000 before the day an unexpected downpour caused the Vilcanota River to surge from it's banks, washing away 250 homes and drowning 17 defenseless men, women, and children. "The weatherman had told us to expect two inches of rain in 24 hours, and we got 19 inches in 12 hours," said police officer Adolfo Alcala. "Everyone had trusted Francisco, and when the flood came, they thought he had let them down."

So just hours after the disaster struck, hundreds of hopping mad citizens looped a noose around a wide-eyed weatherman's neck and hanged him from the nearest tree. "Six of the vigilantes were charged with murder, but we forced to release them because everyone here thinks the man got just what he deserved," Officer Alcala said.

"So now, everything is slowly getting back to normal, except we're having a heck of a time finding anyone to be our new weatherman."

April, 1996 (a long time ago, but they still haven't found a new meteorologist).

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