How's the Weather?

How's the Weather?

A series of award-winning weather books written by Jonathan D. W. Kahl for kids in grades 4-9.

"An attractive introduction to meteorology"
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"Plenty of good-quality, full-color photos and illustrations, as well as a useful index and glossary"
School Library Journal
"A great addition to any classroom, school or community library"
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
"A well-balanced presentation"
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Books in the series (click on the titles for more information):

Hazy Skies: Weather and the Environment

Hazy Skies examines the connection between weather and air pollution. It explains smog, haze, acid rain, the ozone hole, and other pollution problems. It tells how people are trying to fight air pollution - and how you can do your part.

Weather Watch: Forecasting the Weather

Who was the first weather forecaster? What kinds of clouds bring rain? What's a hygrometer? Weather Watch teaches you all about the science of meteorology and the job of weather forecasting. You'll also learn sky-watching techniques, how to read a weather map, and how to build your own weather instruments.

Thunderbolt: Learning About Lightning

How do air and water make electricity? How fast does lightning travel? Does lightning always create thunder? Thunderbolt answers these questions and many more about lightning, thunder, and electricity. You'll also learn why thunderstorms form, how to take pictures of lightning, and how to protect yourself from a lightning strike.

Storm Warning: Tornadoes and Hurricanes

Can wind lift your house into the air? How much rain falls from a hurricane? What is a waterspout? In Storm Warning, meteorologist Jonathan Kahl answers all sorts of questions about tornadoes and hurricanes. You'll also learn how hurricanes get their names, how to protect yourself during tornado and hurricane weather, and how to make your own tornado.

Wet Weather: Rain Showers and Snowfall

Can you spot a raindrop on radar? Can ice crystals float in the sky? Does it rain in the desert? Meteorologist Jonathan Kahl has filled Wet Weather with fascinating facts that answer these questions and others about rain, snow, floods, blizzards and more. You'll also learn how clouds form, when you're likely to see a rainbow, and how people can make rain and snow.

Weatherwise: Learning About the Weather

How much water is in a rain cloud? How hot is a lightning bolt? Can it snow in the summer? In Weatherwise, meteorologist Jonathan Kahl answers these questions about the weather and many more. You'll also learn how to read a weather map, what makes the wind blow, and how to make your own rainbow!

Ordering information | About the author