Welcome message from Joey

I like to collect licence plates

Here's some of my licence plates

Want to read a newspaper article about my license plate collection?

Here's another newspaper article about my license plates.

Want to hear a song I wrote? It's called "Crooks are Coming"

Drawings by Joey Kahl

Joey (Windows Paintbrush, May 1996)

Sammy (Windows Paintbrush, May 1996)

Our house (Windows Paintbrush, May 1996)

Carol (Windows Paintbrush, May 1996)

Grasshopper (June 1996)

Volcano (June 1996)

Switchplate art (July 1996)

Flag (July 1996)

Spike (July 1996)

Duke (July 1996)

Daddy driving a rocket ship (July 1996)

Dad (July 1996)

Adam (July 1996)

Birthday card for Katie (July 1996)

Elephant (August 1996)

Mickey Mouse (October 1996)

Joey's Number Patterns (November 1996)

Virginia license plates (February 1997)

Daddy's Father's Day card 1997

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