T.G. and Li-Yin's Remarkable Wedding

Three remarkable things happened on Sunday, July 27, 1997.

First, T.G. Braitman and Li-Yin Yeh got married. The remarkableness of this event stems from the fact that they already were married. Some people have a strange concept of fun. I've heard that some people even teach young children how to belch, just for laughs. T.G. and Li-Yin enjoy weddings. They plan to have several more, perhaps even in different countries. Bookmark this web site and visit it often for future updates.

Second, T.G. and Li-Yin invited a meteorologist to administer their wedding vows. This is indeed remarkable. The meteorologist was not vested with any authority in the marriage arena, nor had he any other prior pulpit experience. He did, however, claim to be an experienced public speaker. T.G. and Li-Yin cleverly ignored the meteorologist's lack of legal and clerical authority and prepared a written script for the meteorologist to read. They wisely paid him extra not to introduce any off-the-cuff remarks.

Third, and perhaps most remarkably of all, T.G., Li-Yin and the meteorologist pulled it off! Dazed and confused, the unsuspecting guests thought they had witnessed a real wedding ceremony. They had no idea that the nuptuals they'd just witnessed carried no greater authority than did the afternoon's weather forecast! (Incidentally, the meteorologist received several offers to perform wedding ceremonies in Taiwan.)

Visit the Minister of Meteorology's web site!

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