Recent Presentations by Professor Jon Kahl

Selected recent presentations by Professor Jon Kahl

Choosing the Right Educational Software for Your Classroom

Hands-On Weather Forecasting Activities Using the Internet

The Association of American Schools of Central America, Caribbean, Colombia and Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico, October 2004

Climate Change Puzzles

6th Regional Conference of Biological Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Nueva Leon, Monterrey Mexico, August 2004

Global Warming and Arctic Climate Change

Chemical Engineering Congress, University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico, 18 November 2003

Weather WebQuests: Internet-based activities for learning mathematical concepts by comparing weather forecasts

The Internet Weather Forecasting Activity

VI International Conference on School and Popular Meteorological and Oceanographical Education
Madrid, Spain, 7-11 July 2003

Predicting the movement of hazardous airborne material

UWM Alumni College, 21 September 2002

Curricular uses and assessment of student-created web pages

Improving science education through collaborative visualization

Technological tools for active learning in science education

East Asia Region Council of Overseas Schools 2002 Teachers Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 2002.

Unearthing New Curricula With the help of Computers

Weather Forecasting Activities using the Internet

Student-Created Web Sites: Design and Assessment

Central and Eastern Europe Schools Association, 2001 Teacher's Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, March 2001.

Weather Forecasting Using the Internet.

Critical Thinking Using Chaos and Fractals (presented with Richard O'Malley).

National Science Teachers Association Midwest Regional Meeting, Milwaukee, WI, October 2000.

Unearthing New Curricula Using Technology

Technology-Enhanced Curriculum using Offline Browser Software

Enhancing Instruction Using Technology: Software Selection and Evaluation

Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools 2000 Teachers Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 16-19 March 2000.

Online weather forecasting exercises in an introductory meteorology class

American Meteorological Society's 9th Symposium on Education, Long Beach, CA, January 2000

Rescuing Historical Weather Records in the High Northern Latitudes: Is the Arctic Really Warming?

Colloquium, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, October, 1999.

Global Warming: Myth or Reality

UWM Alumni College, 30 October 1999

Hands-On Weather Forecasting Using the Internet

Presented at the Governor's Wisconsin Educational Technology Conference, Milwaukee, October 1999.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's CoVis Project: Improving Science Education through Collaborative Visualization

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's CoVis Project: Technological Tools for Active Learning in Science Education

Presented at the Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools Administrator's Meeting, Cairo, Egypt, October 1998

"The 'Term Page': Experiences with Student-Created Web Sites"

The Sixth Annual Conference on Issues in Undergraduate Education
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
April 1998

"Balloons that Rise, Clouds that Fall, and Air that Crushes: Forces in the Atmosphere."

UWM Science Bag, February, 1998.

Science Teaching through Collaborative Visualization

Presented at the School Science and Mathematics Conference, Milwaukee, WI, 11/14/97.

Designing a Class Home Page
Designing a Personal Home Page
Designing a Departmental Home Page

Shortcourses on Web Page Design.

Frozen Weather:
A Meteorologist's Travelogue from Northern Siberia

Presented at the Shorewood Men's Club, 4/9/97.

Wind Chill and the January Deep Freeze

Presented at Honeycreek Elementary School (Milwaukee), 1/23/97.

Electronic Methods in an Introductory Science Course: A Chalkless Introducation to Weather

Presented at the Building an Educational Experience through Applications of Computer-based Technologies conference held in St. Paul, Minnesota, November 21-22, 1996.

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