Design and Visual Communication Laptop Requirement

(hardware and software :: 2015-2016)

You must have a laptop and the software below (Adobe Creative Cloud and Font Folio) to begin the Design and Visual Communication program (ART 221 Intro to Design and ART 223 Intro to Typography). Be sure to order your laptop and software well in advance so that you are ready to begin classes prepared to work.

Updated for Fall 2015/Spring 2016 classes.

Hardware Recommended Specifications (Fall 2015/Spring 2016)

DVC recommends a 15" laptop because having a larger screen is helpful. MacBook Pro is available in 13", 13" with Retina display, and 15" with Retina Display. RAM and hard drives can be expanded significantly if budget allows; purchasing an external drive for data backup is recommended.

Software Requirement (Fall 2015/Spring 2016)

You may purchase whichever laptop (PC or Mac) fits your needs and budget as long as it meets or exceeds the above specifications. Please be sure to read the specifications for all your choices so that you make an informed decision. The Design and Visual Communication Area highly recommends that you purchase the Apple Care Plan if you buy a Mac, or a comparable insurance plan on a PC. Whatever laptop you purchase, it needs to be able to run the software adequately, so plan on RAM upgrades and the largest hard drive you can afford.

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