A Few Parts made from Plastics and Polymer Composites


  Injection molded front  grill  of  an  automobile


A fibrous  preform  and  the  corresponding  composite  part  made  using  SRIM  (Structural  Resin Injection Molding)


An  ordinary   plastic  part   made  using  injection  molding


  An injection-molded  side  panel  of  an  automobile  made  of  short-fiber  composite


Some machines useful in Process Modeling the Manufacture of Polymer Composites using Liquid Molding Technologies


  Experimental setup  to  measure  the  permeability  of   fiber mats  used  in liquid  composite   molding

  An Instrom machine  to  characterize  the  stretchability  of  a  fiber  mat



  Equipment  to  polish  and  view  micrographs

The  micrograph  polishing  equipment.