Welcome to UWM-BMI Laboratory


We are living in this most exciting era of human history, when science and technology are not only developing at an unprecedented rapid pace but also fundamentally changing the way we live, the way we work, and even the way we view ourselves. Biomedical imaging is one of the most important enabling technologies in this scientific revolution, which allows us to see objects, structures, and biological processes unreachable by human vision, providing tremendous opportunities to study biology, as well as diagnose and treat diseases.


Blessed with the freedom and the opportunity in an academic environment to dream, to create, and to make a difference in biomedical imaging science and technology, the Biomedical Imaging (BMI) Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee is dedicated to applying advances in physics, mathematics, and engineering to the development of advanced imaging capabilities to enable “real-time” observation of biological structures and processes for better understanding and treatment of diseases, and training future engineers and scientists the skills, values, and broad perspectives necessary for success in the global market place, for leadership in complex and multidisciplinary projects, and for a lifetime of continued learning.




Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
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