International Corporate Economics 752 (3 credits)



Executive MBA Program

Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee


EMBA Cluster 4: July 26, 2013 to October 5, 2013


INSTRUCTOR: Richard D. Marcus, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Chair of the Lubar Executive Committee

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OFFICE HOURS: Fridays 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM. Office hours also will be available by appointment to allow for the greatest flexibility of schedules for the EMBA students.


PHONE: 414-229-4103 (faculty office) or 414-228-7731 (home)


MAILBOX:  My faculty mailbox is located on the 4th floor of Lubar Hall.




TEXTBOOKS: James Gerber, International Economics, Pearson, 6th Edition, 2014; and Ralph W. Braun, Rise ABOVE, The Braun Corporation, 2013.


OBJECTIVE: Understand the basic forces in international trade and finance that play a crucial role in the international competitiveness of firms.


TESTS: There will be a take-home midterm given out on August 17 due on September 7; and there will be a talk-home final given out on September 28 and due on October 5. The midterm is worth 50% and the final is worth 50%.


CLASSROOM POLICIES: UWM has long-standing policies on academic misconduct, sexual harassment, discrimination, and changes of grade.  These policies are available at:

SPECIAL NEEDS: If anyone has need for note-taking or test-taking assistance, please feel free to discuss this with me early in the session.  Worked problems and old exams are available on Desire2Learn at  using your UWM email name and password.



Class Schedule for International Corporate Economics 752


Friday, July 26 @ 2:15pm – The Global Economy and International Economic Institutions after 1944 (Gerber:  Chapters 1 and 2).


Saturday, August 3 @ 10:45am – Comparative Advantage, Gains from Trade, and Factor Endowment – The Basic International Economic Trade Theorems (Gerber:  Chapters 3 and 4).


Friday, August 9 @ 2:15pm – Beyond Comparative Advantage:  Scale Economies, Monopolistic Competition, Tariffs, and Quotas (Gerber:  Chapters 5 and 6). [Note: At 6:30pm August 12 in Lake Park near campus, Dick and his chorus sings a free "Monday in the Park" concert outside.]


Saturday, August 17 @ 10:45am - Trade Policies:  Protectionist Commercial Policies, Labor Policies, and the Economics of Externalities (Gerber:  Chapters 7 and 8). Take Home Midterm (Gerber:  Chapters 1-8) Due on September 7.


Friday, August 23 – no international economics – three city barbershop concert tour with one in Milwaukee on Sunday August 25. 


Saturday, September 7 @ 2:15pm – International Finance:  Balance of Payments, Exchange Rates, and the Optimal Currency Area (Gerber:  Chapters 9 and 10).


Saturday, September 13 @ 8am – Lessons from Rise ABOVE(Braun: Chapters 1-10).


Saturday, September 21 @ 10:45am – Open Economy Macroeconomics, US and Japanese Quantitative Easing Experiments, and Sources of International Financial Crises (Gerber: Chapters 11 and 12). [Note: Dick and his chorus will sing the National Anthem at the Brewer's game about 6pm September 21].


Friday, September 27 @ 2:15pm – Regional Issues in the Global Economy:  NAFTA, EU, and, East Asia (Gerber: Chapters 13, 14, and 16).Take Home Final given out (Gerber:  Chapters 9-14 and Rise ABOVE). Due on October 5.


Saturday, October 5 @ 8am - Wrap up discussion on final and Further Lessons from Rise ABOVE (Braun: Chapters 11- epilogue)