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Information About Places

Sites of Personal Interest

Boulder County Land Use GIS
Geographic Information and Analysis Laboratory (SUNY Buffalo)
Geographic Name Server/Xerox Map Gateway
Geography - U. Wisconsin
Manual of Federal Geographic Data Products
U.S. Geographic Names Database - U. of Michigan - GOPHER
Virtual Library: Geography
Xerox PARC PubWeb Server (Maps)

Lists Maintained by Others (Catalog Pages are often reorganized)

EINET:Social Science:Geography
Web of Wonder: Geography
Yahoo:Science:Geography:Geographic Information Systems

Sites of Secondary Interest

AGI GIS Dictionary
Digital Relief Map of the US (Composites Browser)

Sites of Tertiary Interest

C.D. Maps
Canada Centre For Mapping - Natural Resources Canada
UGCS WWW Home Page - Caltech

Sites not visited or evaluated

ARC/INFO tutorial
AUSLIG - Australia Survey and Land Information Group
About Geography Resources for Social Scientists - GOPHER
Antarctica Maps
Australian National University - Demography and Population Studies
CU Geography Deptartment
Canadian Geographical Names
Canadian Geographical WWW Index
Center For Mapping HomePage - Ohio State U. -
Chicago demographics information
Clickable" plan of the city of Passau, Germany
Coastline Maps
Conference of Latin Americanists Geographers
DeLorme Mapping MapGate(TM) Map Related Web Sites
Demographics Subject Locator
Department of Geography, Univ. of Victoria
Digital Elevation Data Catalogue
Digital Line Graphs
Distance between two locations
European Map Collection
Free Items from ESRI
GEOGRAPHY: Social and Political - GOPHER
GIAL Home Page
GIS - Mapping - Via NRL SSDD Gopher - GOPHER
GIS / Cartography, starting points
GIS Frequently Asked Questions and Info List
GIS Information and Resources
GIS Resource at Edinburgh
GPS/MET Program
GRASS - Geographic Resources Analysis Support System...
Geographer's Craft Project
Geographic Data Available Online
Geographic Information and Analysis Laboratory (SUNY. Buffalo)
Geographic Name Server/WWW Gateway
Geographic Resources Analysis Support System
Geographic Server - TELNET
Geographic database
Geographical Information Systems
Geography (Lund U., Sweden) - GOPHER
Geography (U. Tennessee, Knoxville) - GOPHER
Geography (U. Texas, Dallas) - GOPHER
Geography - Virtual Library
Geography - - GOPHER
Geography -
Geography Department, Syracuse University
Geography Resources on the Internet
Geography Talk
Geography, Library and Information Science - GOPHER
Geography-Humans on the Earth
Geophysical Data Center
Geopolitical Research Project
Geoscience at Texas A&M University...
Global Access to Geographic Information via the WWW
Global Land Information System - TELNET
ILR - Informations about GIS
ITRE, Geographic Information Systems Program
Index - Geography and GIS Resources []
Index - Internet Geography Information
Index - Internet resources for geographic informat
India Maps
Interactive Geographical Index
Internet Geography Information
JHU/APL Digital Relief Map of the US (Composites Browser)
Library of Congress (LC MARVEL) (Geography Collection) - GOPHER
Making Maps Easy to Read
Map Collection
Map Maker - Free GIS for Windows
Maps at Carnegie-Mellon University
Maps of Cambridge
NAIS - the National Atlas Information Service (Canada)
National Atlas Information Service of Canada
National Mapping Information
National SchoolNet Atlas
North Dakota State University (GIS) - GOPHER
Other GIS related conferences
Perseus Atlas
Pittsburgh Map Database
Population Geography. Melbourne.Thomas Nelson - 1968 - GOPHER
Project GeoSim - Geography Education Software
Regional -
Resource Guide for Social Scientists: Geography - GOPHER
RiceInfo (Rice University CWIS) (Geography Collection) - GOPHER
SUNY Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning
School of Geography, Univ. of New South Wales (Australia)
Spatial Data
Subway Maps
TIGER Mapping Service
Thailand Geography & Demography Page
The Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies [CAST]
The Perry-Castaeda Library Map Collection
Thomas Brothers Maps
U.S. Geological Survey
U.S. Geological Survey - Index of USGS Severs
U.S. Geological Survey - What Do Maps Show? Teaching Package
UB Geography Home Page
United States Geological Survey
Univ. of California - Santa Barbara Library (Geography Collection) - GOPHER
University of California, San Diego Maps and Spatial Data Homepage
University of Minnesota Map Library/ARL Electronic Atlas Project
Usenet - sci.geo.eos - NEWS
WAIS Indexes for Geography - WAIS
WebAcropol (Virtual Tour of Acropolis, Greece)
World of Maps
geo-gw 1.0: Gateway to the Geography Server at UMi

Comments/ Evaluation of Key Sites

Boulder County Land Use GIS
Data and maps are not on line, but the program is well described. A demo selects and discusses a series of 12 interesting maps from projects.
A key effort to coordinate the work of all exploring the ways to present spatial data on the WWW. Includes papers, summaries of the work of other sites and an archive of a listserv on the subject. Brandon Plewe
Geographic Information and Analysis Laboratory (SUNY Buffalo)
A description of program and activities. Interesting work detailed. Many links to other sites. One particularly interesting project detailed on line is "The Bufallo Project: Visualizing Urban Development" by Michael Batty and David Howes.
Geographic Name Server/Xerox Map Gateway
Links the Name Server in Michigan with the map creation program at Xerox to demonstrate a convenient interface. Brandon Plewe.
Geography - U. Wisconsin
A program description augmented by much detail on specific projects. One is a collection of physical geography maps and references representing a survey of the topic. Another is a cultural map of Wisconsin still under development. A third is a "history of cartography project" - also with some material on line.
Manual of Federal Geographic Data Products
Much of the full manual produced in January, 1993 is on line. Since then, the agency has been bringing some of the actual data and maps online. Material is represented from a large number of government agencies.
Descriptions of Delorme map and software products. Map samples that are very impressive. Links to other mapping sites.
U.S. Geographic Names Database - U. of Michigan - GOPHER
An interactive data base that returns details on sites within the U.S., especially the coordinates.
Virtual Library: Geography
A well organized collection of links.
Xerox PARC PubWeb Server (Maps)
An experimental map on demand site. The map base is somewhat limited in quality, but the process is powerful, although slow.

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