Laboratory Equipment

Moran Group New LabMoran Group New Lab

Primary Laboratory: Double-mixing, stopped-flow spectrophotomoter (Hi-TechoScientific), Rapid quench system (Update), UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Hewlet Packard), UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Cary-Varian), UV-Vis high performance liquid chromatography (Waters), Oxygen electrode (Hansetec), Anaerobic manifold, Oxygen sensing low flow gas blender (Maxtec), Anaerobic glassware, tonometers and cuvettes, Electrophoresis equipment (Hoeffer/Pharmacia), 5 x Circulating water baths (Lauda, Fisher), pH Meter (Denver), Balance (Denver Instruments), Superspeed centrifuge (Marathon), Course and fine balance (Denver), Lyophilizer (Labconco), Rotory evaporator (Buchii), 1x IBM compatible computer (eMachines), 2 x IBM compatible computer (Hewlet Packard), IBM compatible computer (Dell), 3X Macintosh computer (Apple), Refrigerators and Freezers, pressurized and non-pressurized dewars, Large volume centrifuge (6L) (Sorval).

Moran Group New Lab Moran Group New Lab

Secondary Laboratory: Thermocycler (Perkin Elmer), Microfuge (Eppendorf), High speed microfuge (Eppendorf), Sonicator (Branson), Standing water baths (VWR), Refrigerated shaking incubator (VWR), Shaking incubator (Labline), Incubator (37 oC) (Yamoto), Two door chromatography cabinet (Fisher), 2 x LC Chromatography system (Biorad), 2X Macintosh computer (Apple).

Departmental facilities: Walk-in cold room (4 degrees), 2 Superspeed centrifuges (Sorval), Scintillation Counter (Beckman), Autoclave (Steris), Shaking Incubator (Labline), 5 Liter Fermentor (Virtis), Incubator (VWR Scientific), 500 MHz NMR (Bruker), 300 MHz NMR (Bruker), Electron paramagentic resonance instrument (Varian), Chromatography cabinet (Hotpack), Anearobic Glove boxes (Coy), Unix workstations (Silicon Graphics)

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