[cute picture of book here]
The Turning Page
UWM Post review
[A map showing where on the east side the store is.]

Comics, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Toys, Models, Posters, Dr. Who
Serving your reading needs since 1976.
Mon-Fri 2 P.M.- 9 P.M.
Sat Noon-6 P.M.
2452 N Murray Ave.
Milwaukee WI. 53211
(414) 332-9460
Ron Killian Propriator
(Give him a call.)
The number 15, 30, and 21 Buses will all bring you to within 2 blocks of the store.

[Ron, the
owner] [The Store] Here are a few pages that mention the store.
Don't get this store confused with the Turning Page in Perth Australia (553 Hay St., (09) 221 5451 (for the record))

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