600-231 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I

Section 004, Fall 2003

Instructor: Professor Musson 
Office: EMS W405 
Office hours: MWF 12:00-12:20 
(or by appointment, or after class) 
Phone: 229-5953
e-mail: musson@uwm.edu
Primary text: Thomas et al, Calculus  
Supplement: Gresser, A Maple Approach to Calculus. 
Class meeting time: MWF 12:30-1:45am, EMS E423 

We will cover chapters 1--4 and 6 of Thomas, which include the basic ideas of differential and integral calculus. We will concentrate on really understanding calculus concepts, and not just on doing enormous numbers of problems. Problems are important, of course, but not for their own sake: they are important because doing problems is one way to build up your intuition and understanding of the basic concepts.

In this section, you are lucky enough to have another tool for building up intuition: the computer program Maple.Maple is a computer algebra system: a program that does mathematics symbolically, just as humans do. Like any computer program, it can be frustrating at times, but once you are comfortable with it you will be amazed at its power. You will not be expected to be familiar with Maple at the start of the course: we will spend a few class periods learning to use the program. You will be expected to be reasonably comfortable with computers, or at least willing to learn.

If there is a drawback to using computers in mathematics, it is that you can get into the habit of relying on them for even the simplest computations. To avoid that trap, you will be required to complete the Department's gateway tests. There are 4 of these tests: one for each of the chapters that we will be covering. In order to get a grade of C (or better) in the course, you will have to score at least 80% on each of the 4 gateway tests. NOTE: It does not follow that if you score at least 80% on each gateway you will get a C for the course.  You can retake the gateway exams until the last day of classes.

  • Assuming you pass the gateway tests, your grade will be based on the following factors:Quizzes There will be 2 in-class quizzes during the semester. In contrast to the gateway tests, these quizzes will concentrate on more sophisticated problems: applications, or problems which rely on you being able to combine ideas from more than one section of the text. 25%each.
  • Final Exam The final exam will be comprehensive, and will take place from 12:30-2:30 pm on Monday, May 12. 40%.
  • Class participation 10%.  (This means you need to come to class regularly and complete the worksheets)

  • To make-up any of the quizzes or the final you should have a valid reason such as a doctor's note.
    . Homework   Homework  will be assigned on a regular basis.  Homework will not be collected but the questions on the quizzes will be similar to the homework problems.  You are expected to do all the homework.
    If you feel you are a student with a disability, please feel free to contact me early in the semester for any help or accommodation you may need.