Priya Nambisan, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Health Informatics & Administration,

College of Health Sciences,

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Northwest Quadrant Building B, Rm #6410

Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413

Phone: (414) 229-7136; Fax: (414) 229-3373



Director, Social Media and Health Research & Training (SMAHRT) Lab



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My current research falls at the intersection of three important and emerging themes in these areas: (a) meeting the needs of informed and actively participating healthcare consumers (which implies the relevance of information seeking, communication and information science); (b) healthcare organizations that interact with one another and with their customers, (which implies the relevance of health services research, healthcare administration, marketing communication, organizational research, and knowledge management); and (c) the development and use of new health information technologies (which implies the relevance of technology management, information systems, human computer interaction, and usability research).




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