Priya Nambisan, PhD


Assistant Professor

Dept. of Health Informatics & Administration,

College of Health Sciences,

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Northwest Quadrant Building B, Rm #6410

Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413

Phone: (414) 229-7136; Fax: (414) 229-3373



Director, Social Media and Health Research & Training (SMAHRT) Lab


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My teaching interests, similar to my research have both Healthcare Management/Administration and Healthcare Informatics. I have taught core courses as well as electives in both these areas.



Courses Taught


                 HCA 590 Health Data Analytics

                 HCA 590 Health Regulatory Policy and Politics (graduate)

                 HCA 590 Social Media and Health: Opportunities and Pitfalls (graduate)

                 HCA 590 Patient-Provider Communication: Strategies and Practices (graduate)

                 HCA 700 Intro to Health Informatics (graduate)

                 HAP 740 Management of Health Information Systems (graduate)

                 HAP 700 Intro to Health Informatics (graduate)

                 HAP 745 Healthcare Security Policy (graduate)

                 HPM 680: Healthcare Informatics (graduate)

                 HPM 580: Health Information Technology (graduate)

                 HPM 500: Health Care Organization, Delivery & Finance (graduate)

                 SPH 342: How U.S Healthcare Works – Myths & Realities (undergraduate)



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