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Michael James "Orange Mike" Lowrey  a/k/a Lord Inali of Tanasi, G.D.H.

Photo of Orange Mike        drawing of Orange Mike by Georgie Schnobrich, copyright 

2000 by Georgie Schnobrich, used with the permission of the artist

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Biography in Brief
       Born 25 November 1953 in Jackson, Tennessee, where my daddy (Jim Dandy Lowrey) worked for the Jackson Sun. My momma was Sybil Blondell (Scarborough) Lowrey. I've got three siblings: Patrick, Susan, and Mary. We lived all over the South, eventually landing in Miami's northwestern working-class suburbs after my father had to retire (heart disease, aggravated by his WW2 service). Daddy died 12-1-1965. We got run out of Opa-Locka for having non-Anglo/white friends, and went back to West Tennessee. I graduated from Chester Co. High School, and went to the University of Chicago.
       The stress of the U. of C. was eventually too much for me. I came back home, got an A.S. (History) at Jackson State Community College, and ran for the General Assembly in 1974. The incumbent beat me 59-41% (he'd outspent me 13:1), so I went to Tennessee State in Nashville. That didn't work out financially, so I ended up working for the State of Tennessee and living on Music Row.
       Fortunately, by that time, I'd discovered Fandom. Some time in the late 1970s, I became aware of an Iowa fan called Cicatrice, and we gradually became an item (this was a solid fact by the time of the 1979 NASFic in Louisville). On Labor Day of 1977, disgusted by the corruption and stupidity of Southern politics, I had moved to Milwaukee, and become part of fandom there. Cicatrice moved to Milwaukee on 7 December 1979, and we were wed on 12 June, 1981. Kelly came later.
       I am a free-lance writer (book reviews, muckraking, and whatever suits me). I have worked part-time or full for Renaissance Books in Milwaukee, one of the largest in North America which doesn't have a website, alas! Since 7 July 1984, I have also worked full-time (on and off) for one agency or another of the State of Wisconsin, and been represented by (and active in) AFSCME. Until medical complications (since resolved) interfered, I was working for the Cultures and Communities Program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where I am a recent 2004 graduate magna cum laude in History.
        I taped an episode of the game show WIN BEN STEIN'S MONEY in 2001, which aired on May 6, 2002. I won $2,000, and am told that I acquitted myself well enough. Mr. Stein accused me of resembling "Z.Z. Top on acid" but said I had a good singing voice!
        I appear in the feature-length film Finding the Future: A Science Fiction Conversation, which premiered in 2004, and Kelly appears in the "Bonus" section of the DVD thereof.
       I was listed in one edition of Who's Who in America. Whoopee.

        I am an admin (think "unpaid volunteer sysop") for the English-language Wikipedia, and occasionally contribute a smidgen to the Esperanto-language one.

"Orange Mike" Lowrey

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