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I offer introductory and advanced level courses, as partially listed below:

This course:

· Views “life” in terms of physical principles;

· Outlines the basic structural principles of proteins; and, time permitting,

· Discusses the structure, function, and engineering of proteins.

The primary aim of the course is to establish a basic physical understanding of the structure of proteins and its relation to function.

The course will assume little or no knowledge of biology, and basic familiarity with physics.  A description of physical methods will be provided for the benefit of those unfamiliar with such techniques.

Structure of Biological Molecules

Course Outlines

  Department of Physics

This course provides an introduction to modern physics, with emphasis on the ideas that form the foundations of our current understanding of nature.  The course content will include conceptual treatments of:

· Special Relativity;

· Wave-particle duality; and

· Quantum mechanics

The primary aim of the course is to provide an understanding of the basic physical principles with a minimum of mathematics.

Introduction to Modern Physics

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