People and their Projects 

Prof. Peter Dunn  (

Research interests:  Sexual Selection, Immunogenetics, & Climate Change impacts on birds



PhD.  Univ. of Alberta (1989)

MS     Colorado State Univ. (1984)

BS     Univ. of Maine (1981)

Current Lab Members

Asst. Prof. Piotr Minias,  Univ. Of Lodz, Poland (pminias at

Visiting Fulbright Fellow (till July 2015)

Studying  MHC variation in prairie grouse

Zach Bateson, PhD Dissertator (zbateson at

Studying  MHC variation in prairie-chickens

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant awardee

Jan 2015

Ambi Henschen, PhD Dissertator (hensche9 at

Studying  ornament expression and oxidative stress in common yellowthroats

Awarded the 2015 Louise Mather Scholarship by the UWM Dept of Biological Sciences.  

Jan 2015

Becky Schneider, MS candidate (schne432 at

Studying  malaria and oxidative stress in migratory and non-migratory populations of common yellowthroats