Welcome to the homepage for the program Spectre.  Spectre is a computer program that analyzes reflectance spectrometry files.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Spectre?
  2. Uses of Spectre
  3. What types of data can Spectre accept?
  4. System Requirements
  5. Download User Manual
  6. Download Spectre Program File
  7. Download Example Data Files
  8. Register as a User
  9. Contact Information

What is Spectre ?

Spectre is a computer program created by Dr. William L. Koederitz in collaboration with Dr. Jessica K. Armenta.  Its purpose is to analyze reflectance spectrometry files collected using Ocean Optics spectrometers and software.

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Uses of Spectre

Spectre can be used to calculate color component values (hue, chroma and brightness) from spectrophotometer data.  It will also compute average color component values for individuals, species, or groups that the user defines.  Spectre also includes a data checking function to check spectrometer data files for bad or erroneous values.

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What types of data can Spectre accept?

Spectre can analyze both transmission and reflectance files collected with USB 2000 Ocean Optics Spectrometers.

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System Requirements

Spectre is compatible with any WindowsĂ operating system.

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Download User Manual

Click here to download the Spectre Program Manual

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Download Spectre Program File

Click here to download Spectre v. 1.11

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Download Example Data Files  (click the link and choose "save link target as" to  download  these files properly)

Click here to download example file 1

Click here to download example file 2

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Register as a User

After downloading the user manual and program, please send an email to Jessica Armenta at Jessica.K.Armenta@lonestar.edu.  This will enable you to receive email alerts when new versions of the program become available.

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Contact Information

Postal address

Dr. Jessica Armenta

Department of Life Sciences

Lone Star College-CyFair

        Cypress, TX 77433


Electronic mail

Contact Jessica Armenta:  Jessica.K.Armenta@lonestar.edu

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