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Welcome to Biophotonics lab webpage

This website is dedicated to providing information on the on-going research projects in Biophotonics Lab being supervised by Dr. Mahsa Ranji at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

We continuously look for hard working graduate students with a strong background in optics and biomedical optics to join our lab. Applicants especially interested in experimental research to bridge engineering and medicine can apply. Please send your CV and a brief description of background, research interests, GPA, TOEFL and GRE scores by email to Dr. Ranji.

Our lab is located in the Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (EMS) building at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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July 2016: Our JTEHM paper is selected as a featured article.

May 2016: Jeff defended his master's thesis. Congratulations!
April 2016: Shima, Mette, and Parvathi presented posters in CEAS research day.
February 2016: Dr. Ranji presented at SPIE Bios 2016.
January 2016: Shima joined our lab as PhD student. Welcome!
December 2015: Parvathi joined our lab as master student. Welcome!
October 2015: Jeff presented in SFN conference.
October 2015: Zahra has presented in the BMES conference.
September 2015: Dr. Ranji participated in engineering 50th anniversary event at UWM.
August 2015: Mette has joined our lab as postdoctoral scholar. Welcome!
May 2015: Jeff has won the best poster award in the Great Lakes Biomedical Conference.
April 2015: Fahimeh defended her master thesis. Congratulations!
February 2015: Zahra and Fahimeh presented their work at the SPIE Photonics west.
February 2015: Dr. Ranji served in an NIH panel
January 2015: Stephanie joined our lab as a master student in Bioengineering. Welcome!
October 2014: Dr. Ranji chaired a session in BMES annul meeting.
August 2014: Erfan defended his masters degree.
May 2014: Whitney and Reyhaneh graduate
May 2014:Whitney defends her Master's Thesis
April 2014:Biophotonics Research is featured at CEAS
April 2014:Whitney won the first place in CEAS research poster competition!
April 2014: Dr. Ranji presented at RIT Bioengineering.
April 2014: Dr. Ranji gives a talk in RIT in April.
April 2014: Biophotonics lab will present in the CEAS research day.
Janurary 2014: Whitney and Zahra present at SPIEE.
November 2013: Zahra defends her PhD proposal.
Octobor 2013: Reyhaneh defends her PhD thesis.
September 2013: Dr. Ranji presents in BMES conference.
August 2013: Majid and Fereshte joined the lab as graduate students. Welcome!
May 2013: Zahra and Reyhaneh's papers are accepted. Congratulations!
April 2013: The students in the lab participated in the UWM CEAS research day.
April 2013: Dr. Ranji, Erfan and Whitney attended Great Lakes Biomedical Conference. Whitney's poster was awarded third place. Congratulations!
April 2013: Kevin got a position at Prairie Technologies, an internationally well-knowm Wisconsin two-photon microscopy company.
March 2013: Sepideh got a position at Fenwal, Inc. Congratulations to the first graduate student to find a position in industry!
February 2013: Greg found a research position at Siemens.
February 2013: Dr. Ranji, Reyhaneh, and Zahra presented at SPIE Photonics West 2013.
January 2013: Our retina cryoimaging paper has been selected as the coverpage for JBO.

November 2012: Our paper has been accepted by the Journal of Biomedical Optics.
November 2012: Our paper has been accepted by the Annals of Biomedical Engineering.
October 2012: Zahra Ghanian presented at the BMES Annual Meeting in Atlanta.
July 2012: Sepideh also successfully defended her thesis, and thus completed her MS degree.
June 2012: Erfan MasoudiMotlagh joined the lab as a Master's student.
May 2012: Kevin successfully defended his thesis, and thus completed his MS degree.
April 2012: Our recent result in Journal of Biomedical Optics is selected as cover page.

March 2012: Our paper is accepted for Journal of Biomedical Optics. Congratulations!
Feb. 2012: Our paper is published in Biomedical Optics Express. Nice team work!

Feb. 2012: Our recent result in Journal of Biomedical Optics Express is selected as cover page.

January 2012: Dr. Ranji, Kevin, Reyhaneh, and Sepideh presented in SPIE Photonics West 2012.
January 2012: Dr. Ranji presented in UIUC bioengineering seminar series.
October 2011: Dr. Ranji presented in Annual Meeting of Bioengineering (BMES), Hartford, CT.
September 2011: Three abstracts were accepted for presentation in Photonics West conference.
August 2011: Zahra Ghanian joined the lab as a PhD student.
June 2011: Our BMES abstract is accepted for presentation.
May 2011: Dr. Ranji presented in SPIE Europe conference.
April 2011: Our group has received the research growth initiative (RGI) grant.
April 2011: We have received the Wisconsin Applied Research Grant (WiARG).
April 2011: Our lab presented posters in CEAS research day.
March 2011: Dr. Ranji has received NIH K award.
March 2011:Our lab received the CTSI grant.
February 2011: Dr. Ranji presented in MCW and UWM Bioengineering series.
November 2010: Dr. Ranji presented in UW-Madison Bioengineering.
October 2010: Dr. Ranji presented in Marquette Bioengineering.
October 2010: Matthew Hying joined the Lab
August 2010: Reyhaneh Sepehr joined the lab as PhD student.
July 2010: Sepideh Maleki and Robert Williams joined the Lab.
June 2010: Dr. Ranji served as NSF panelist.
April 2010: The biophotonics lab is awarded the RGI (Research Growth Initiative) award.
April 10, 2010: Dr. Ranji presented in OSA biomedical optics conference.
March 1, 2010: Kevin Staniszewski joined the research team as a graduate student.
December 2009: Our lab received the research fellow grant.
October 2009: Dr. Ranji presented in image cytometry workshop.
September 2009: Biophotonics lab is launched.