Frogs and Development  These are the drawings of various developmental stages of the frog, Xenopus laevis, the animal used in the video.  This is the virtual frog dissection kit.  This is a site with pictures and movies illustrating development in frogs and other amphibians.  This shows cuts through a frog embryo so you can see what it looks like on the inside .  These are outstanding images of human embryos at different stages of development.  This is a site for the most popular college-level developmental biology textbook.  It could be an excellent resource for instructors.  Contains links to news stories about Xenopus.  Fun frog pictures, facts, games etc.



Frogs and the Environment  Many of you have heard about malformed frogs and other amphibians in the environment..  They have multiple limbs, or are missing an eye or have other problems.  No one is exactly sure what is causing these deformities, but one favorite hypothesis is that some man-made pollutant may be responsible.  Go to the following web site for pictures of these animals. If possible, you can arrange a trip to a good frog habitat nearby and try to count as many frogs as possible.  Make sure that you count normal as well as abnormal ones.  If you do find abnormal frogs, note the abnormality and report it to the frogwatch web site.


Scientific American Articles  Go here to access issues and selected articles over the last 4 years.

Nov 2000  Cloning Noah’s Ark.  This introduces animal cloning technology and discusses how it might be used to help endangered species.  It also discusses how it might be possible to clone your pet cat or dog.

April 1999  Growing New Organs.  This is about tissue engineering and growing new organs like skin and even a nose to replaced damaged organs.




Worm Module Links

  1.  This is a good fun and informative web site called Neuroscience for Kids run by someone at the University of Washington in Seattle.  Lots of interesting facts and activities concerning the nervous system.
  2. This contains a series of short articles (Brain Briefings) on issues concerning the brain and nervous system that is meant to be understandable to the general public.  It is maintained by the Society for Neuroscience and includes articles on drugs, diseases, the senses as well as many other topics of interest.
  3.  This is a description of how to dissect an earthworm.  It also has some nice diagrams, plenty of information about worms and answers to many basic questions.
  4.  This is a publication by the University of Florida Extension service on how to grow your own earthworms!!!  There is also a lot of information about the Biology of worms.
  1.  This is a link to a number of virtual dissections including one of an earthworm.  There are nice pictures showing different structures.
  2.  This is a link to the product catalog of NASCO.  You can get prepared microscope slides of earthworms here.  You can also get preserved earthworms for dissection.


Links to articles on worms The Worm Digest has a number of links to articles on worms.  They emphasize how to grow them and their ecology.