Experiment 5: Heat Exchanger-1st Law Analysis

Objective: In this experiment, the students will gain an understanding of the first law of thermodynamics, as it is applied to a steady-state open system with multiple inlets and outlets.

Goals: After completing this experiments, the students will

Preliminary Experimental Apparatus:

Equipment needed for each setup

(1) Heat Exchanger, with appropriate chillers

(2) 4 Thermistors

(3) 4 Pressure gauges

(4) 2 flow meters

(5) Computer/data acquisition

Basic Experimental Procedure:

(1) Students allow the heat exchanger to reach approximate steady state operation.

(2) Student acquire data at one flow rate.

(3) Students change a flow rate, and acquire more temperature and pressure data.

(4) Experiment continues through several different flow rates for each fluid, if adequately controlled.