Spring 1998


Physiology of Reproduction

Texts: Human Reproductive Biology, R.E. Jones, ed., 2nd ed.

Optional: Controlling Reproduction J.S.M. Hutchison, ed., 1st ed.

Other supplemental texts available in LAP 308, and 2-hr library reserve

Instructor: Dr. Reinhold J. Hutz; LAP 308, 229-6880, x5416; rjhutz@csd.uwm.edu

Office Hours: TR 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. or by appointment

Lecture: TR 2:05 p.m. - 3:20 p.m., LAP 260



January 13 Quiz, Reproduction: An historical perspective; time-line of ontogeny

15 Gonadal and accessory organ development

20 Sexual differentiation of the brain/fetal sex determination and preselection techniques

22 Anatomy and function of male and female sex organs

27 Gonadotropin secretion

29 Mechanism of GnRH action/phosphatidylinositol metabolism

in hormone mediation

February 3 Protein and steroid hormone receptors and their signal transduction

5 Radioimmunoassay theory, Initiation of puberty

10 Ovarian function, folliculogenes's ovulation

12 EXAM 1

17 Atresia, apoptosis, ovulation



February 19 NOVA videotape "The Miracle of Life"

24 Methods of ovulation induction/techniques of ovulation detection

26 The menstrual cycle; luteolysis

March 3 Fertilization/ the acrosome reaction and sperm capacitation

5 Blocks to polyspermy: electrical and cortical granule reactions/ implantation

17 Role of estrogen and histamine in implantation/embryonic development

19 Placentation; pregnancy/ embryo transfer


26 Paturition

31 Lactation

April 2 Suckling effects on reproduction/role of prolactin

7 The menopause/neuroendocrine changes with age


9 Female contraception/ male contraception

14 Induction of fertility; IVF/ GIFT/ ZIFTETTET GnRH analogs and reproduction

16 Stress and infertility/ pheromones in reproduction

21 Photoperiod and reproduction/reproduction and the immune system

23 Abortifacients, old and new/Surrogacy / xenobiotic estrogens / Reproductive toxicology

28 HIV/AIDS/New reproduction technologies: embryo freezing/ectogenesis/blastomere splitting/gene injection/cloning, ICS1, SUS1

30 Videotapes on "Infertility" and "The Perfect Baby"

May 8 FINAL EXAM, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Grading: EXAM I 100 pts.

EXAM II 100 pts.

FINAL EXAM 100 pts. (Cumulative)

Oral presentation 100 pts.

(grad students only)

"Brownie" pts.

*Written report 100 pts.- grad students - due one week after (See R.J.H for subjects) oral presentation

-ungraduate students - due April 6

Class Participation 50 pts.


* Needs to be 5-8 pp. typed, enclusive of references, use Biology of Reproduction


If anyone has need for special note-taking or test-taking accommodations, please feel free to come and discuss this with me early in the semester, after you have contacted the Student Accessibility Center.

Note: If you take this course upon consent of instructor, you cannot receive credit for taking the prerequisites at a later date.

Last day to drop with instructor or department approval is March 6, 1998.

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