2000: Consumption


This seems absolutely ridiculous, the amount of money I spend on going out to eat. The exact amount is not clear on the chart, for fear of embarrassment, but I might as well tell you:

I spent $1,352.10 in Year 2000 on Eating Out!!

And it is not like I live in Chicago (home to Udubi Palace, close to Pita Inn), New York (sushi), San Francisco (Howard's, Asian Food) or Ann Arbor (The Fleetwood, Jerusalem Garden)! I live in Milwaukee! Here's the top 5 most-frequented eateries:

eatery#totalavg/mealavg rate
Brady Street Pharmacy 27 $164.05 $6.08 4.15
Fuel Cafe 45 $134.46 $2.99 3.78
Bayview Family Restaurant 11$62.77 $5.71 3.73
The Couch 13 $42.20 $3.25 3.38
Taco Bell 10 $22.08 $2.21 3.50

Surely this statistic may serve as a "way up call."


Nice chart ... but it is a chart that again obscures something MORE telling:

I increased Egg Consumption in the Year 2000! 239 Eggs Consumed!




Cause & Effect