2000: Rate


January : still the champ

February : every Jersey native eventually

March : GasMan

April : I made it, Ma (sort of ...)

May : 4:11 AM average GoToBed time

June : a beer a day

July : an egg a day (almost)

August : $38.40

September : Best

October : visitors

November : Cromartie

December : So Long


Here's as bad a place as any to write about my methodology:

Rate, or Perceived Mood (the terms are interchangeable for my purposes) is determined at the end of the day, usually soon before I go to sleep. As part of my record-keeping, I assess the day's events.

If the day included something completely new and exciting, or a goal was accomplished magnificently, or a dozen of your friends give you a belated surprise birthday party, that day may get a "5".

If there was some element of bad, or the good event just wasn't that amazing, the day may qualify as a "4". Fours are when the good events outweigh the bad. Conversely, days that get rated a "2" are when the bad events outweigh the good.

The dreaded"1" is given to days that end with despair. I've found that sadness at certain things is a good emotion. Despair, usually accompanied by feelings of helplessness, is a bad, unavoidable emotion. My gosh I only had one of these days all last year (November 3).

Note to Young Werther: I do have my share of doubt about all the usual things, but most often I temper despair through a varied support system that includes friends (virtual and real), music, food and computing. A dosage of any usually rescues a day from being a "1", hence their rarity.




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