What can you tell me? How can you help me? How can I help you? Do you eat meat?

This page serves as a traditional end point to the narrative. I don't know how you get here, maybe it was from the first page, but you got here. There's some space below to respond with comments, questions, suggestions.

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I have only recently, and quite quietly, pulled down my flag for vegetarianism in as much as I eat meat now (boo, hiss, boo, hiss!). Yes, the uneasy ten year stand has come to an official end. Not eating meat is the easiest subversive act a person can do and I come up wanting. Typical. While I blame the intense lack of support from my parents, the full responsibility of my diet is, of course, myself. And I was introduced, willingly, to sushi at the beginning of the Year 2001, in two places in Manhattan. Then, upon my return to Milwaukee, I finally dined at Izumi's. Those three sushi meals comprised the first three "5" meals of the Year. That bodes well for my culinary well-being. That bodes poorly for my own ideas of social responsibility. Will the effects cancel each other out? Will the Year 2001 be higher than a 3.318?

So, if you were a vegetarian and now are not, please take some time and write to me the reasons why you made the switch. You can use the form below or simply e-mail me (rumali@uwm.edu). If you do you the form, your response will be limited by the response form.



I want to close by saying that there are several people I know who have taken on keeping statistical diaries. If you are one such person, please let me know. I also want to say that I'm keeping track of a few more things for the Year 2001, primarily: the people I talk to, including the first person and last person I speak to each day. So be sure to check back.