2000: Sleep

WE DID IT!! The perhaps off-the-cuff goal in Last Year's Statistical Diaries was attained in maddening style. Some of y'all will remember that I fell short of 2800 Hours Slept last year by only 22.2 hours. Being so close to that milestone, I made it a goal for the Year 2001. I eclipsed the 2800 mark by only 4.4 hours: 2804.4 hours slept in Year 2000.

Average per night/day: 7.6 hours

[Note: the above graph should be 2000 : Sleep : Month : naps v. night]

[It took a bit of accounting - for truth behind truth being told, I initially had thought that I had fallen short of the mark. Thus, there existed once a paragraph bemoaning this failure. But my spreadsheets allow for error checks, differ ent ways to arrive at the answer. When these different ways came up with different totals (2797.4 vs 2804.4), I sought to find out what caused the discrepancy. The short of it: I wasn't counting the 7 hours I slept between March 26 and 27.]


Given that the amount of hours slept isn't going to vary as much per year as I'm finding out (though the variances are indeed worth looking at [see link below]), late in Year 1999 I decided to keep track of when I go to bed and when I wake up. The Yea r 2000 was the first year with such data for each day, graphed above. I must confess a certain glee at inputing a Go To Bed time of 5:40 AM, which isn't even the latest. The latest Go To Bed time was 6:30 AM, which I did twice last year (July 29, December 16).


Top 5 Most Slept-In Beds, with Average Night's Sleep Time, sorted by Frequency

  city state building room bed type avg. sleep time
1 Milwaukee Wisconsin home bedroom twin 7:20:17
2 Chicago Illinois Amy Dorn's apt. living room (1) floor 7:48:56
3 Jersey City New Jersey parents' house ron's old bedroom twin 6:48:47
4 Jersey City New Jersey parents' house rick's old bedroom twin 7:07:43
5 Milwaukee Wisconsin Elizabeth Coggin's apt. bedroom twin 8:58:30

Single Night

  city state building room bed type amount of sleep
1 NYC (Brooklyn) New York Sarah Buccheri's apt. bedroom twin futon 8:50:00
2 NYC (Queens) New York Mark Buccheri's co-op bedroom full 8:15:00
3 Jersey City New Jersey parent's ron's old bedroom floor 6:45:00
4 Chicago Illinois Amy Dorn's apt. bedroom twin 6:31:00
5 somewhere on I-80 Pennsylvania my Volvo back bay car 5:15:00
6 Milwaukee Wisconsin Mitchell Hall AVID room couch 4:00:00
7 Jersey City New Jersey John Myers' apt. bedroom full? 3:15:00

Four Year Sleep Comparisons

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