The Paragraphs, while being in existence since March 2000, haven't started seriously recording until the Year 2002. Under the Milwaukee collective/recording label "Neapolitan Records", they have released a meticulous multi-track studio recording of their latest set, The Cloud Of Unknowning.

Contact: Stephen Wetzel - 3433 N. Pierce - Milwaukee, WI 53212

Chapter 15. "You might believe me."

Chapter 52. "In all this make-believe.

Note: These MP3s are full-length but are of lower-quality (38kbps).

This recording integrates the monologues by Charles "Tremendous" Jones that are performed live during concerts.

These recordings are home-baked, but are the only audio documents of The Paragraphs' first two sets, Field & Stream/Cosmopolitan and The Lives Of a Bengal Lancer. These can only be obtained by trading for something you have created yourself.


The Paragraphs Play For the Socialist is a live recording. The line-up was simple: Renato on guitar and Eilis on accordion and washboard. "The Paragraphs Super-Lite," was what Eilis said into the microphone.

Hear it for yourself!

They perform songs from Field & Stream / Cosmopolitan.

Running time: 29 minutes



The Paragraphs Live At Linneman's is a full band live recording of most of the songs from the Field & Stream / Cosmopolitan set.

The recording date was March 31, 2001.

Running time: 28 minutes



This is the only authorized compilation of The Paragraphs' first project "Lives Of a Bengal Lancer", the novel by Francis Yeats Brown that eventually got made into a movie starring Gary Cooper.

The recordings are home studio creations by Renato. They diverge from the live performance, using sequencers, a multitude of synthesizers and computer effects.

This first set was 19 songs long; this compilation features 8 of the best home recordings.

Running time: 34 minutes

Dehli Road (mp3)