Promise from Sooyoung Park of Seam.

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Yeah, well Sooyoung Park didn't come see us at the Lounge Ax way back when even though he TOLD me he would. But how can you be mad at the guy? Stop listening to his music? But rock-critic Ben Kim did come. He insisted that Amy was in another band before. I mean, she was, but that was almost strictly a college-basement-show band (the best kinds, BTW) called 100% Human Hair.

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December 12 (Sunday) we played at Thai Joe's in Milwaukee with The Love Of Everything, Bobby Burg's (ex-Beauty Pageant) new outfit. This show was put on by David J. White's 'New Directions in Milwaukee Music' series. Ironic because I'm the only person with a Milwaukee address. The turn-out wasn't that great because we had to go u p against the big Milwaukee Christmas shows at the Mirimar Theater that took place all weekend. Bands like Low and Promise Ring. You know how it goes. Although the roommate of the drummer for Promise Ring showed up! (Okay, so she's also my student.)

November 20 (Saturday) was our gig with The Immortal Plants at the Tasting Room in Milwaukee, WI.

The Tasting Room is an amazing place to play, if only because this place has the best complimentary alcohol policy in existence. We were given a plastic bag filled with red and blue chips; the red chips were worth $1.00 and the blues one were worth $.25. Overall, we had about $30 worth of what can only be called Tasting Room money, could be used to buy any type of alco hol, not just the beers on tap. Amy discovers some other type of Cider besides Woodchuck.

November 11 (Thursday) was the birthday of friend Anna Carolina Pfister, the lead singer of Brazilian punk rockers, No Class (Teenager In a Box label). Renato and Carolina performed their one song at the All Must Not Be Art #2 in Milwaukee a couple of days later on the 13th.

October 14 (Thursday) was the Open Microphone:Letter Show at Quarters, Milwaukee's Rock and Roll Palace.

We played with Tenderloin, the experimental accordion and musical saw sister act with Micaela on the Saw and Eilis on the 12 key accordion.

The event was actually quite nice. The diversity of the types of letters read was quite excellent. And the Team played well, too, debuting three new songs since our last gig way back when. Also, we finally nailed Flight.

May 5 (Wednesday) we make our appearance at the Lounge Ax in Chicago.

Well we finally get to play on the same stage as many of my favorite bands: Superchunk, Kicking Giant, Tsunami, Feeling Froggy, etc.

The turn-out was okay ... although I can name all the people that came to see us on my hands, the most surprising was a visit from rock critic, Ben Kim. I've mentioned that twice now in this very page, haven't I. Well, I was that impressed he actually took up my invitation.

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