Renato and Amy watch the waveforms.

Well here you can get some free music! Also, some song lyrics! Our stuff has been self-released by us on cassette tape and by our friends from Beauty Pageant (r.i.p.) on the Users record label. More information regarding these releases will be on these pages soon! But you can e-mail us if you really want to get your hands on these home-made creations.

For now, please content yourself with our self-engineered and latest recordings. These downloads are totally free and are in the MP3 or .MOV format. [NOTE: I've only tried playing these MP3s on my player of choice, the freeware called Gray Amp and on Quicktime 4.]

Snow Crash is inspired by Neal Stephenson's novel of the same name.

"I'm not Japanese but I'm working on it! I've downloaded the schedules off the Internet.
Let my 1's talk to your zeroes and in this fiction, can I be the hero? Hiro Protagonist? Hiro Protagonist?"

"I'm not a hacker, I'm more like a slacker, yeah. But your avatars keep beckoning me over there ...
to a world of 1's and zeroes and in this fiction, can I be the hero? Hiro Protagonist? And should the Snow Crash?

Say 'Yes.' Yeah.

Since the MP3 is in the shop, try this .MOV version, playable with QuickTime 3 or 4. It's only 424 kb.

Flight is a 1 MB .MOV file. Amy sings this song, which is, in all truthlihood a 6 minute analog synth mystery. Why is it a mystery? Well, if you've seen us live ever, we usually screw it up royally.

Reiko Nagase is a 97 second instrumental (.MOV) about ...

Among her hobbies: Playing guitar!

This recording techno-crap:

Guitar was mic'd with a Shure Brothers SM58
Bass and synth went Direct
Sennheiser RE20 (?) for the drum overhead
Radio Shack special on the floor tom
SM58 clone on the kick drum
SM57 clone on the snare

Instruments were all recording live and the vocal tracks were laid down afterwards.

Recorded right into Pro Tools 4.2 but mixed down on Deck II 2.6.1. Minimal delay (substituting admirably for reverb) is used on the vocal tracks.

Recorded in September 1999 at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Here's a song that has its own web-page, with the music embedded as a Quicktime 3 movie. The song is from The Avatar's EP and is yet another one of Amy Dorn's tunes. It's called Architect Of Days and was recorded with much the same equipment as above, except into a TEAC reel-to-reel 4-track.

Recorded in November 1998 in Cary's old apartment in Chicago.

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