Team outing at an Evanston beach.

Team Mucilani consisted of:

Amy K. Dorn (drums, percussion, vocals)
Cary B. Shoda (guitars, backing vocals)
Renato G. Umali (bass, synths, vocals)

The Team with John Myers, guitarist for Chasm In Labrador, the new Jersey City outfit.

The Beginnings

In all actuality,I (Renato) conceived of the idea with friend Sarah Burgundy, though I don't think she realizes it. Kicking Giant had just broken up and I (okay) felt the need to somehow fill the vacuum. There's always gotta be an Asian boy rocker and American girl drummer combo! Always!

Anyway, it didn't happen. She didn't have a drum set and I didn't have an electric guitar.

Cary returns to Chicago after a three year layover in Los Angeles. I buy a cheap drum set from (literally) an eleven year old girl, who, upon receipt of the money, told her mom "let's get the dog now!". Amy Dorn promptly learns how to play these drums.

Cary gets his brother, David Takeshi Shoda, to play the synth and the Team assembles!

Eventually, David leaves the Team because of vast musical differences.

The Endings

Renato moved to Milwaukee in September of 1998. While the band continued to play throughout the next year, practicing down in Chicago and then eventually up in Milwaukee. But eventually the distance and their separate and dynamic lives took over and the band quietly disbanded. Amy went on to play drums for a Chicago band, while Renato gave up the bass to play keyboards and guitar for a few Milwaukee bands. Cary made a vow never to play his Rickenbacker until the Bears win the Super Bowl.

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